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A Yesung Primer

Warning: image heavy


stage name: Yesung/예성/藝聲
real name: Kim Jongwoon/김종운/金鐘雲
date of birth: 24th August 1984
hometown: Cheonan, South Chungcheong, South Korea
role in super junior: Lead singer, dancing machine
subgroups: Super Junior K.R.Y, Super Junior-Happy
casting: SM Entertainment Starlight Casting System
name of fanclub: His fans are called Clouds, because “Woon” in his real name means clouds.
where to get Yesung stuff: Mare Nubium, Voice and yesungmelody take really nice pictures. You can follow variYety or yesungcenter on twitter for Yesung news!
his twitter: @shfly3424 (loads of pictures of his pets or him + someone and selcas)


Yesung’s mother signed him up for the SM Entertainment Starlight Casting System in 2001 where he signed under SM Entertainment and trained for nearly four years before he was placed into the rotational group Super Junior 05. He was given a stage name – Yesung, which is short for 예술성대 (Yeseulsungdae), or artistic voice.

With Jaejoong of DBSK, predebut

Predebut video (…???) of Yesung (starts 3:13, but you should totally watch the rest for the lulz)

Solo and Subgroup Projects

2006 - Super Junior KRY debut with The One I Love
2006 - 2007 - Miracle for You (radio program)
2007 - Attack on the Pinup Boys (film; with Super Junior)
2007 - Super Junior Animal Farm (variety show, with Ryeowook, Sungmin, Shindong)
2008 - Super Junior Happy debut with Cooking? Cooking!
2008 - Unbelievable Outing Season 3 (variety show, with Super Junior Happy, Donghae)
2008 - Idol Army (Ddeotta Geunyeo) (variety show, with Super Junior Happy)
2008 - Love Really Hurts in the drama Tazza's OST
2009 - South Korean Mountain Fortress (Namhansansung) as Jung Myung Soo (musical)
2010 - It Has To Be You in the drama Cinderella's Sister's OST
2010 - Hong Gil Dong as Hong Gil Dong (musical, with Sungmin)
2010 - Spamalot as Sir Galahad (musical)
2010 - Super Junior KRY’s first concert in Japan
2010 - Loving You in the drama President's OST (with Luna of f(x))
2011 - Waiting For You in the drama Paradise Ranch's OST
2011 - Love Chaser (variety show, with Leeteuk)
2011 - The Muzit (variety show)
2011 - Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio (radio program, filling in for Eunhyuk)


As the lead singer of Super Junior – this means he gets several lines (slightly more than some other members, I’d say) and the ad-libs throughout the song – you’d expect someone with a beautiful voice. And that’s exactly what Yesung has, and which is the reason for his namesake: I know it’s kind of pointless to put a voice down to words on paper, but a ballad sunbae once described it as “powerful and husky”. Personally I feel it doesn’t really come through so clearly in Super Junior’s dance songs like Sorry Sorry and Bonamana, but if you listen to ballads like Let’s Not or In My Dream, Yesung makes a lot of these songs for me.

Sea of Love – duet with Jonghyun (SHINee) SM Town LA Concert
I spazzed for hours on end over this performance, because just look at that man, okay.

Coagulation – Super Junior KRY on Youngstreet
I really, really, really like this song, and though I think KRY’s harmony is really what makes this entire thing, Yesung’s voice is beautiful in here.

It Has To Be You – Yesung on Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook
By far his most well-received solo, for the Cinderella’s Sister OST. This song was explosively popular on Cyworld and Melon and what have you, so Yesung is extra proud of this and takes every moment to stick it in the other members’ faces. Like when Kyuhyun says that his OST song, Hope is a Dream that Never Sleeps, has received a lot of love recently, Yesung pats Kyuhyun on the back and says, “let’s hope it will be a second It Has To Be You, yes?”

Resignation – Yesung’s solo in SS2
I’m sorry for the fancam and the fanscreaming but the DVD version of Resignation is.... as I said in my Yesung meta, not so good :(

Polaris – cover on Miracle For You
This is probably his most famous cover ever, Kangta’s Polaris on his radio show Miracle for You. I really like how he emotes in this :3

Ring Ding Dong – standing in for Jonghyun (SHINee)
Another really famous performance. He is really, really good in this, okay. Also hot.

Maybe In Love – with Kyuhyun, Ryeowook and Park Saebyul
Beautiful song with beautiful voices :)

I Only Know About Love – Yesung on Immortal Song 2
This is kind of… trot-y? But I really like how he performed this, back around debut/Miracle For You he used to sing songs like that really… unrestrainedly and it got a little too much sometimes. But he’s grown over the years and you can see how he controls and basically takes the reins instead of letting the song overcome him :3


Yesung has had one proper acting gig so far, in Attack of the Pinup boys, a completely lulzy movie where he plays the role of himself as a lead singer in a rock band and a popular character in his school, who gets hit in the face by shit. He goes on to become famous because of his getting hit in the face by shit and releases a rock album. He has like, one line of screaming and five minutes of singing (in the entire movie), but see, this is why Yesung gives his all in everything he does because in the BTS making-of video, he tells us that he practiced for ages the day before filming in front of the mirror trying out different expressions for the camera before he gets hit by the shit (here in the movie he has a closeup). He tries them out for the director, who is a little “…” at most of them before telling him to just act naturally.

The other acting gigs he has gotten are musicals – he’s been in three.

The first was Namhansansung, or South Korean Mountain Fortress, in which he acts as a villain that betrays the Joseon king during the war with China. He is a Korean translator for the Chinese and lets them into the South Korean fortress (?) to bring down the Joseon dynasty, and he does this because his character’s parents died whilst under slavery by the Joseon king.
I don’t know how good he was in the musical but I really like the song and a bunch of sunbaes and professionals have praised him, apparently. Here’s a clip of him acting in the musical with one of his songs:

The second is Hong Gil Dong, a fictional character similar to Robin Hood, set in historical times. Yesung was casted together with Sungmin in this – both of them play Hong Gil Dong, but Yesung is supposed to portray the charismatic side of Hong Gil Dong……………….or something like that.

yes he has long hair

His third musical is Spamalot, a comedic musical based on the 1975 film "Monty Python and the Holy Grail", and is a parody of the Arthurian Legend. It apparently received good feedback from audiences!

lol idk


I know all of you think Yesung is the lead singer, which means he can’t dance, right. WRONG. Because he is the dancing machine of Super Junior. Forreal.

That’s not sexy? Really? Not amazing dancing? Well. Try this then, here’s some mad dancing skillz:

(starts 1:48)

Still no? Well, this, then; even Eunhyuk gives up his dancing machine role for Yesung.

(starts 3:23)


If you still aren’t convinced by now that this man is the real dancing machine in Super Junior, then you are just sad.

His Family and Pets

Yesung places very, very, very much importance on his family. He talks about them every five minutes. He even won this Top 5 Filial Idols poll (idek ok)! There is a subbed video, but it has been removed (YesungCenter on youtube, which is basically heaven for Yesung fans, is gone too UGHHHHH FUCK YOU AVEX YESUNGCENTER IS BACK YUSSS you guys this channel has all the material you need to start stanning yesung. subbed videos, fancams, etc. i cannot find this top 5 filial idols video yet though) :< Basically Jongjin (his brother) and his mom call him and the reporter asks Yesung some questions, which I cannot remember exactly, but involves him saying he wants to go on a holiday with his family, I think. He bought a restaurant, called Baptol for his parents in Hongdae (in Seoul) so that they could come live in Seoul and he could see them more frequently.

Him at Baptol:

Recently, though, his parents felt Baptol to be a little too tiring, so they’ve folded up the restaurant (I think) and are planning to open a new small café/remodel Baptol into a small café. His mom also said in that Top 5 Filial Idols video that Yesung also bought an apartment for his parents to stay in Seoul and asked for help from SM Entertainment when he didn’t have enough money.

He often takes pictures with his parents and Jongjin.

on his birthday, with a turtle plushie lololol

backstage of KRY Concert in Seoul

from his twitter

Both Yesung’s mom and Jongjin are pretty close to the Super Junior members, they say that Yesung’s mom treats them all like her own sons and goes into their rooms to give them a goodnight kiss even if they’re only in their boxers/underwear. Here’s Donghae with Yesung’s mom, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun with Yesung’s mom, and Ryeowook and Kyuhyun with Jongjin. Eunhyuk has also said that Jongjin visits the Super Junior dorms often, and when he’s there he does the dishes, even though he didn’t even use them. Just look at this boy. (I stan Jongjin loads, if you haven’t noticed.)

Yesung is also Super Junior’s resident turtle owner. He has just as many turtles as Heechul has cats, and that, I’m sure you’ll agree, is a lot. The largest is Ddangkkoma (which means Little Sweet Potato), Ddangkkomaeng is the middle-sized one and Ddangkkoming is the smallest one. (See how creative he is with names? ilh) Recently, he had to give Ddangkkoma away because it was getting too big (seriously gigantic, ide) and he got a little Pomeranian, called Kkoming.

Ddangkkoma (GIGANTIC MONSTER turtle), Ddangkkomaeng (darker shell patterns) and Ddangkkoming

Kkoming (yes, he gave it a little turtle squeezy toy)

All of them together, including turtle squeezy toy (I find the arrangements too funny okay)

If you haven’t fallen in love with this man yet, idek what’s wrong with you.


Yeah, Yesung is known as the failboat of Super Junior, and for some good reasons, I must say. If you manage to get your hands on any episode of Exploration of the Human Body, chances are he’ll fail at challenging whatever they’re supposed to do. From picking up a 100 kg (?) dumbbell to jumping 81 cm to 63 cm to 58 cm, he just fails spectacularly at all these things. He thinks he’s hot shit though, coming out all ~swagger~ and ~coolness~ before failing and he puts on this “…” face.

This is from Idol Army, where they found a picture of him dripping snot on his philtrum SWEATING, he swears, IT’S SWEAT, GUYS.

From Super Junior’s Song Battle, where he does his Street Fighter imitation. Kyuhyun cries in the back.

He collapses into a heap of mushy legs when he laughs.

….I don’t know okay.

Imitating Siwon and still looking derp at the same time, look at his talent.

You should never take photos like that, Yesung says. Ryeowook does it and IT IS VERY BAD, Yesung says.

He gets very fixated over things. Like nonexistent dust in Leeteuk’s hair.

And probably one of the most famous moments of Yesung the Failboat

All I can say is that if you see all these gifs and you still don’t find him adorable, then you are just sadder.

Yesung and Super Junior

Since Yesung is also known within the members as a failboat, he is often the butt monkey. Kangin, Kyuhyun, Siwon and Eunhyuk especially like to stomp all over him, regardless of the fact that three of them are dongsaengs (but obviously Kyuhyun doesn’t care), but Yesung I think just finds all of his dongsaengs in Super Junior adorable so he takes it all in and still touches them and hugs them and says he loves them. Yesung is also, I personally feel, a Super Junior whore, because he initiates skinship a lot with practically all the members (all, I think. Except for Heechul who’ll deign to do skinship with only a select few). He’s actually pretty touchy-feely with quite a number of them – watch any SS2/3 fancam of the songs where they go crazy on stage and you’ll probably see him draped over someone.

Yesung is in a lot of pairings, little of them canon (this man is sadly foreveralone) – his most popular/famous (?) should be Yewook, which originated from the Super Junior Mini Drama. On stage, he roughhouses with Siwon, is an idiot with Eunhyuk, drapes himself all over Kyuhyun, is dudebros with Kangin, pesters Leeteuk, touches Donghae all over, shares everything with Ryeowook, whispers things to Kibum and is sometimes part of Heechul’s exclusive AB Chocoball gatherings.


Okay I started stanning Super Junior from Sorry Sorry. I liked Ryeowook best then, because I thought he was hottest in the Sorry Sorry MV (don’t judge, okay). So that means that Yesung was decidedly not hot. Let’s not even go to the Twins and Miracle era. Then I found Don’t Don (which, idgaf what anyone says, I think Yesung is hot in there okay) and Bonamana and goddamn, Kim Jongwoon.

The following is just a Yesung UNF spam.

You know you’ve got real talent when you can be derp and hot at the same time.

This has gone on for wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too long, ugh I never knew primers were such hard work (and html is a bitch). But this is basically a post of Why I Like Yesung And Why You Should Too.

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